Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer guided tours?

With a reservation or two hours notice a tour guide can be arranged for your ride.

How fast do they go?

As set by Canadian regulations the bikes max out at 32 km/h

Are you open when it rains?

If it is calling for light showers we will be open. If it is raining continuously we will be closed. Call ahead if you would like to know for sure.

Do I tip the guide?

Absolutely, if you like where they take you and want to show appreciation for their efforts tipping is appreciated and encouraged.

Is there a rental agreement/waiver?

Yes, for the safety of you, our customers, we provide a detailed rental agreement to cover any and all worries you may have.

Do I need a credit card?

Yes, in order to rent any of our equipment a credit card is required

Where can I ride?

Our friendly staff can offer suggestions for a route suitable for your desired adventure. You can also book ahead and get a tour guide if your not sure about finding your way on your own.

Should I make a reservation?

No, walk ins are welcome but in order for us to have the bikes equipped with any accessories you may want for your ride a reservation is encouraged to decrease the time you are waiting to start your ride.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, helmet use is the law in New Brunswick.

How do I lock my bike?

We provide Kryptonite locks with each rental and there are bicycle lock ups all over the downtown area and at most attraction locations.

Which bike should I rent?

Our staff can assist you in deciding which E bike suits your adventure needs, tell us where you want to go and who you want to bring and we will set you up with the best bike.

Can my bike be delivered?

Yes, if you are staying at one of our local B&B’s or a hotel and would like the use of an eBike for your stay we can have it arranged, keep in mind there is a short demonstration of how to use the bikes and hand signals as well as fitting the helmet properly so one of our friendly staff would be happy to meet with you upon your arrival.

Can I use my own helmet?

Yes, as long as it meets the safety standards.

Do you have any partnerships?

We are hoping to develop some partnerships in the future.