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Company coming? When your loved ones come to visit take them on a cycling adventure through beautiful Sackville! Visit the many historic museums or landscapes that make our town unique. Sackville was named the cultural capital of Canada in 2008 for a reason and it has only gotten better. Take a picnic to Lilas Fawcett Park and enjoy a swim or ride alongside the waterfowl park to see our variety of wildlife enjoying the salt marsh wetlands. Wind~E~Bikes’ electric bikes carry you effortlessly, so you can enjoy the sights and stop to take in the history in a fun and active way.

2 Rad bikes in feild by train track

Ease of use

Electric bikes take the work out of hills and bring the fun back to cycling. The throttle and pedal-assist make cycling easy for all! When you need that extra push the motor kicks in to help you get where you want to go.


We have a bike to suit all of your needs. Fat tires for mud, snow and sand! Cargo eBikes carries kids to picnic baskets, load up an extra 120lbs! eBike built for two, an ideal bike for a date or one on one time with your friend, child, etc!

Outdoor Activity

The versatility of the electric bike is that you can work as hard as you like. You can ride the bike like a standard bicycle for a more rigorous workout and experience the fresh air and greenery. It makes for a more fun way to be active and get outside.


What better way to strengthen relationships than with an eBike adventure, smiles and laughter. Create a lasting memory with those you care for.

Fresh Air

Get out, get air. It's difficult to just head out, see the sights and enjoy yourself. With our eBikes you can effortlessly cruise the countryside!

Joy. Fun. Excitement.

Experience the exhilarating speed and natural high that a bike can offer with our electric bikes.If you have no destination, just enjoy the journey!

Routes, Trails and more!

Take a pre-planned route, venture into the known (or unknown), or just go wherever your wheels take you!

Trans Canada Trail

trans canada trail

The Trans Canada trail takes you and your bike through the fields of Midgic, or across covered bridges on the high marsh road. Take in the amazing views and add more stunning photos to your Social Media!

Bay of Fundy

bay of fundy

Interested in seeing the Bay of Fundy boasting the highest tides in the world? Cycle along the coast or even along the dykes taking in the towering wind turbines and the distant coastline of Nova Scotia.

Downtown Sackville

downtown sackville

Tour downtown Sackville where the quaint shops offer souvenirs and eccentric gifts for family. Stop in for a meal at one of Sackville’s restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine to satisfy any food craving.

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